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SAM 2023 will cover a variety of topics in medical translation, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, dermatology, nephrology, neuroanaesthesia and aromatherapy.


This year’s featured speakers include:

  • Dr Mohand Ameziane Chefai, dermatology (Rhone).
  • Dr Marc-Antoine Crocq, psychiatrist at Rouffach Hospital (Haut-Rhin) and coordinator of the French translation of the DSM-5.
  • Dr Gilda Pardey Bracho, anaesthetist, pain specialist and hypnosis practitioner at Pierre Wertheimer Neurological Hospital (Lyon).
  • Cécile Gautier, translator at the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines (EDQM).
  • Dr Alexandre Karamé, nephrologist at the Médipôle Lyon dialysis centre in Villeurbanne (Rhone).
  • Dr Katarzyna Szymanska, founder of Science to the Point (Haute‑Savoie).
  • Dr Edward Zanders, founder of PharmaGuide (Cambridge).


These presentations will be complemented by terminology sessions led by Nathalie Renevier, a freelance translator and terminologist since 1997.




Nathalie Renevier

Nathalie Renevier, a freelance translator and terminologist since 1997, specialises in medical translation from English, Italian and Spanish into French. She has translated numerous works in the fields of health and medicine, in particular for De Boeck, Larousse and Tchou. She occassionally lectures at various universities, introducing students to medical translation and terminology, and also delivers training on medical translation. A member of the Société Française des Traducteurs for over 20 years, she has contributed to the work of the French Ministry for Health's Collège d’experts en terminologie dans le domaine de la santé et du social since 2010. In her spare time, she runs two blogs: one on the latest news in translation and the other offering resources for translators and terminologists. Resources: website and blog, Alp Traduction

Cécile Gautier

Cécile has been a translator since 2009 and worked at the Council of Europe’s European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & HealthCare (EDQM) since February 2015. She mainly translates in the fields of science (chemistry, microbiology, gene therapy, physics, statistics) and public health and consumer protection (blood transfusion, organ, tissue and cell transplantation, cosmetics and food contact materials) from English into French.

Dr Ed Zanders

Dr Ed Zanders holds a PhD in biochemistry and has been involved in research in academia and the pharmaceutical and biotech industries for over thirty years. He founded the training and consultancy company PharmaGuide Ltd to offer courses and webinars on the drug discovery industry to several client groups, including translators. He has been an invited speaker at conferences organised by, among others, the American Translators Association and The Chartered Institute of Linguists.

Dr Gilda Pardey Bracho

Dr Gilda Pardey Bracho, born in Venezuala, is an anaesthetist, pain specialist and hypnosis practitioner currently working at Pierre Wetheimer neurological hospital. She has worked as a doctor in three countries: Venezuela, Spain and France. In 2012, she worked with Anne-Marie Cervera (interpreter and translator, member of the SFT) as a doctor-translator for the 4T Network and has, from time to time, been called upon to act as an interpreter in her work. She speaks three languages (English, French and Italian) in addition to her native Spanish. 


Dr Ameziane Chefai

A graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of Lyon and specialising in dermato-venereology, immunology and applied allergology, Dr Chefai also holds qualifications in facial plastic surgery and dermatoscopy.
Dr Chefai was a consulting physician in cutaneous allergology at E. Herriot hospital in Lyon with Professors Jean Thivolet and Alain Claudy from 1985 to 1997, and founding member and secretary of the Lyon Private Dermatologists Association from 1992 to 2003.
Today, he continues to lead medical training for general practitioners in Nord-Isère and has consulted as a medical investigator for the pharmaceutical industry since stopping private practice.

Dr Alexandre Karamé

Following his initial medical training at the Saint-Antoine Faculty of Medicine in Paris (Paris VI), and specialist training in nephrology in Lyon from 2003 to 2007, with a further two years  of clinical rotations at the Lyon-Sud Hospital, Dr Karamé has been a private nephrologist since 2009, first at Tonkin Private Hospital, then Médipole Lyon Villeurbanne.
The Nephropôle is a group of 5 nephrologists treating patients with kidney disease from diagnosis to treatment, including dialysis and transplantation. To find out more:

Dr Marc-Antoine Crocq

Marc-Antoine Crocq is a psychiatrist. He is interested in linguistics and has translated numerous works on psychiatry from English to French, in particular for the published Elsevier-Masson. He coordinated the translation of the DSM-5 into French, and is currently preparing the revised version (DSM-5-TR), published in the USA in 2022. He also translates medical documents from German and Russian into French. He is part of the French Ministry of Health’s Terminology Committee.

Dr Katarzyna Szymanska

Katarzyna Szymańska has a Ph.D. in biological sciences (specialty: cancer), a postgraduate study diploma in translation and interpreting, and a diverse international experience in, and between, these two fields. She founded Science to the Point ( to promote cross-discipline dialogue and clarity in scientific communication. She regularly works with scientists and medical doctors as a translator, editor and writer. She also runs tailor-made CPD training in science, scientific and cross-culture communication, and biomedical translation. On top of that, she has a position of an associated lecturer at the University Lyon 2, teaching medical translation and interpreting. LinkedIn: